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Below you will find the most recent reports and documents.

Request for Proposals: Investment Readiness Action Plans (759.32 KB)

The Prosperity Framework is requesting proposals to develop investment readiness action plans for Cape Breton Island and Mulgrave municipalities.

Pure Project Relations Presentation on Survey/ Focus Group Results (3024.36 KB)

Pure Project Relations presented the survey and focus group findings to the attendees of the 2013 Investor Summit, which took place October 10 at Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa.

Investor Feedback Results 2013 (110.56 KB)

Pure Project Relations conducted a survey of 150 of the Cape Breton Partnership's Investors and later followed-up with focus groups. These are the survey results

Cape Breton Partnership Board of Directors Nomination Form 2013 (173.6 KB)

Persons who are interested in serving on the Cape Breton Partnership Board of Directors and who wish to contribute to the successful direction of the organization, are invited to seek nomination, or nominate another, to the Board of Directors. The new slate of Directors will be announced at the Annual General Meeting of the Cape Breton Partnership, which will take place Thursday, October 10, 2013 at Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa, Ingonish. Completed nomination forms may be submitted in the following manner by the August 23, 2013 deadline: Mail: 275 Charlotte Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia B1P 1C6 or The Professional Centre, Suite 205 – 609 Church Street, Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia B9A 3K5 Email: Fax: (902) 539-7487

Request for Proposals: Strait Forward Supply Chain Study (431.05 KB)

Supply Chain Study You are invited to review and respond to this request for proposals (RFP) to conduct a supply chain study in the Strait area and Mulgrave. Your proposal must fully comply with the instructions below, as missing or incomplete submissions may disqualify it from consideration.

Strait Forward Conference Feedback (179.42 KB)

Strait Forward was a one-day conference to discuss further diversification of the Strait area economy hosted by the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce, Cape Breton Partnership and Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation. As a part of the conference wrap-up, participants were invited to outline three priorities for the Strait Region, as well as identify three challenges to be addressed immediately. What follows is a summary of this feedback.

Prosperity Framework Executive Summary (544.32 KB)

Prosperity Framework Executive Summary Revised March 2012

Cape Breton Partnership Financial Statements 2011 (90.73 KB)

Financial statements of Cape Breton Business Partnership Inc. as at March 31, 2011.

Cape Breton Prosperity Gap Study Update 2011 (1290.28 KB)

In 2009, Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation and the Cape Breton Partnership released the Cape Breton Prosperity Study. That study, using a methodology developed by the Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity, calculated the prosperity gap between Cape Breton and a number of comparator regions. The main metric used was the GDP per Capita. That study demonstrated a significant gap between the Cape Breton GDP per capita and all of its comparators. The 2009 study had data current to 2006. This study brings that data up to 2008.

News Release: "Alchimie de Cap-Breton" (209.77 KB)

SYDNEY (Nouvelle-Écosse, Canada) – Le 3 septembre 2013 Partenariat Cap-Breton a annoncé aujourd’hui le lancement du film vidéo « Cape Breton Alchemy » (Alchimie Cap-Breton), qui célèbre l’expertise acquise localement lors du remédiement des sites industriels et des houillères de l’Île. Réalisé par la Journeyman Film Company, le film rend compte de la concertation manifeste entre les entreprises en environnement et en génie, les gouvernements, les collectivités, les établissements d’enseignement et les Premières Nations afin d’élaborer des pratiques exemplaires pour des projets d’assainissement à grande échelle.

Project Coordinator Job Description (308.53 KB)

The Cape Breton Partnership is seeking a Project Coordinator. Deadline to apply is December 2, 2013

Cape Breton Partnership Board of Directors Call for Nominations 2014 (100.03 KB)

The Cape Breton Partnership was formed with the idea of uniting businesses and communities across Cape Breton to drive the economy forward. The Partnership is a proud product of the private sector and an agent of positive change in Cape Breton.

Small Farm Expo 2014 (1155.51 KB)

This event is being held at the St Anne’s Gaelic College on July 28th. There will be presentations, demonstrations and a trade show for new and beginning farmers interested in small scale production. The majority of the speakers and demonstrations are from across Cape Breton Island. Small Farm Expo website:

2014 Investor Summit Sponsorship Package (236.81 KB)

The Cape Breton Partnership Investor Summit and AGM brings together business and community leaders from the over 150 organizations that serve as its investor base to discuss a strong economic future for Cape Breton Island and Mulgrave and to hear from business leaders from other parts of the province and Atlantic Canada. It is an opportunity to network,celebrate new thinking, and develop solutions to issues facing Cape Breton Island and Mulgrave businesses. Sponsoring this event will allow you the opportunity to reach a wide audience of key business and community leaders, demonstrating your confidence in, and commitment to, Cape Breton Island and Mulgrave’s economic future.