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The Cape Breton Partnership recognizes that economic growth and prosperity is the result of many factors and the work of many people. As such, we undertake a variety of initiatives that will affect the economic and social development of our region. Learn more about our projects and initiatives below and see how you can get involved in our economic future.

Current Projects

Cape Breton Partnership Investor Summit

Taking place October 15, 2015 at the Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa in Ingonish, the Cape Breton Partnership Investor Summit brings together business and community leaders from the nearly 200 organizations that serve as its investor base to discuss a strong economic future for Cape Breton Island and Mulgrave and to hear from business leaders from other parts of the province and Atlantic Canada. ... read more

Safety First in Cape Breton

The Cape Breton Partnership, in cooperation with Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education and the North American Occupational Safety and Health Week, is hosting the upcoming Prevention and Safety in the Workplace conference. The event will be hosted on Friday, May 8, 2015. ... read more

Safety First in Cape Breton Network

Making Cape Breton and Mulgrave the Safest Place to Work and Do Business. ... read more

Oceans of Opportunity

Hosted by Cape Breton Partnership, in cooperation with enterprise Cape Breton Corporation and NSCC Nautical Institute, Oceans of Opportunity will bring together a range of business, training and technology workshops that are of interest to companies connected to Atlantic Canada's marine sector. ... read more

Vital Cape Breton Excellence Awards

Young people are vital to Cape Breton, their talent, drive and contributions to business and the community are paving the way for our future. ... read more